Embroidery Stitches

Woven sheen stitch! Under, over, under, over. I end these using a stem stitch around! Hoop stand ,chalk pencil and I’m using all 6 strands here. Stitching on kona cotton fabric and using a size 5 needle!


My true love, satin stitch 😂 using all 6 strands, a size 5 needle, pilot frixion heat erasable pen, kona cotton fabric and hoop stand



Lazy daisy! That doesn’t meet at one point! Using all 6 strands, flannel fabric and the pilot frixion heat erasable pen!


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Colorful Embroidery Flowers Stitches

Colorful Embroidery Flowers Stitches

Buttonhole stitch flower and leaves

Buttonhole stitch flower and leaves