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Spider Top Free Crochet Pattern

A fashionable addition to your wardrobe is a raglan top made of yarn with a gradient effect and an interesting combination of openwork patterns.

Size: S

You will need: Flowers moonlight yarn (43% polyacrylic, 53% cotton, 4% metallic, 1000 m / 250 g] -185 g sectionally dyed, hook number 2.25, markers.

Spider top free crochet pattern


Description of crochet top:

Coquette: dial 184 air. p., close in a ring and divide as follows: 31 air each. p. – on the sleeves, 59 air each. p. – on the front and back, 4 air. etc. – for ragged lines, attach markers to them. Tie a yoke in a 21 row high pattern. With the help of 11 air. n. connect the front and back, forming an armhole. On these 11 stitches, tie one rapport of the spider pattern on the side of the product. Next, knit the main part of the top for another 30 rows.

Tie the edge of the main fabric and sleeves in two rows of st. b / n and one row of “crustacean step”.

spider top free crochet pattern


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